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      A council was held in the fort at Three Rivers. Montmagny made valuable presents to the Algonquins and the Hurons, to induce them to place the prisoners in his hands. The Algonquins complied; and the unfortunate Iroquois, gashed, maimed, and 278 scorched, was given up to the French, who treated him with the greatest kindness. But neither the Governor's gifts nor his eloquence could persuade the Hurons to follow the example of their allies; and they departed for their own country with their two captives,promising, however, not to burn them, but to use them for negotiations of peace. With this pledge, scarcely worth the breath that uttered it, Montmagny was forced to content himself. [1]The latter scarcely seemed to notice the young man; for Hipyllos was not known by many, while every child recognized the orator Acestor. He well knew what pleased the multitude, and talked with equal ease and fluency about campaigns, legal cases, art, the working of mines, and the cultivation of vineyards. He was indebted for what he had learned115 solely and entirely to his excellent memoryhe was far from rich enough to own a library. Books were extraordinarily expensive. Three small treatises by Philolaos, the Pythagorean philosopher, cost 110 minae.J

      XXXVII "TILL HE SAID, 'I'M COME HAME, MY LOVE'"210 "Vous dites que l'entreprise de Montral est d'une dpense infinie, plus convenable un roi qu' quelques particuliers, trop faibles pour la soutenir; & vous allguez encore les prils de la navigation & les naufrages qui peuvent la ruiner. Vous avez mieux rencontr que vous ne pensiez, en disant que c'est une ?uvre de roi, puisque le Roi des rois s'en mle, lui qui obissent la mer & les vents. Nous ne craignons donc pas les naufrages; il n'en suscitera que lorsque nous en aurons besoin, & qu'il sera plus expdient pour sa gloire, que nous cherchons uniquement. Comment avez-vous pu mettre dans votre esprit qu'appuys de nos propres forces, nous eussions prsum de penser un si glorieux dessein? Si Dieu n'est point dans l'affaire de Montral, si c'est une invention humaine, ne vous en mettez point en peine, elle ne durera gure. Ce que vous prdisez arrivera, & quelque chose de pire encore; mais si Dieu l'a ainsi voulu, qui tes-vous pour lui contredire? C'tait la reflexion que le docteur Gamaliel faisait aux Juifs, en faveur des Ap?tres; pour vous, qui ne pouvez ni croire, ni faire, laissez les autres en libert de faire ce qu'ils croient que Dieu demande d'eux. Vous assurez qu'il ne se fait plus de miracles; mais qui vous l'a dit? où cela est-il crit? Jsus-Christ assure, au contraire, que ceux qui auront autant de Foi qu'un grain de senev, feront, en son nom, des miracles plus grands que ceux qu'il a faits lui-mme. Depuis quand tes-vous les directeurs des operations divines, pour les rduire certains temps & dans la conduite ordinaire? Tant de saints mouvements, d'inspirations & de vues intrieures, qu'il lui pla?t de donner quelques ames dont il se sert pour l'avancement de cette ?uvre, sont des marques de son bon plaisir. Jusqu'-ici, il a pourvu au ncessaire; nous ne voulons point d'abondance, & nous esprons que sa Providence continuera."

      Now if some one would but grant Victorine leave to bestow this basket! As she left Anna she gave her pledge to seek this favor of any one else rather than of Greenleaf; which pledge she promptly broke, with a success that fully reassured her cheerful conscience."That's the old--"

      And whence shall Athens be seen? asked Xenocles, to whom this introduction seemed too long.

      Femininely enough, our little borrowed book, Miranda's and Victorine's compilation of letters from the front, gives no more than a few lines to the first great battle of the war.

      This dream now returned to his mind.


      "Allowed!--and in those box-car'!--and with that snow--rain--gangrene--lockjaw--my God! And when 'twas already arrange' to bring him home!"Again it was February. The flag of Louisiana whose lone star and red and yellow stripes still hovered benignly over the Ionic marble porch of the city hall, was a year old. A new general, young and active, was in command of all the city's forces, which again on the great Twenty-second paraded. Feebly, however; see letters to Irby and Mandeville under Brodnax in Tennessee, or to Kincaid's Battery and its commander in Virginia. For a third time the regimental standards were of a new sort. They were the battle-flag now. Its need had been learned at Manassas; eleven stars on St. Andrew's Cross, a field blood red, and the cross spanning all the field!


      Then he poured out some of the contents of the cup.


      Early in the spring of 1645, Piskaret, with six other converted Indians, some of them better Christians than he, set out on a war-party, and, after dragging their canoes over the frozen St. Lawrence, launched them on the open stream of the Richelieu. They ascended to Lake Champlain, 281 and hid themselves in the leafless forests of a large island, watching patiently for their human prey. One day they heard a distant shot. "Come, friends," said Piskaret, "let us get our dinner: perhaps it will be the last, for we must dine before we run." Having dined to their contentment, the philosophic warriors prepared for action. One of them went to reconnoitre, and soon reported that two canoes full of Iroquois were approaching the island. Piskaret and his followers crouched in the bushes at the point for which the canoes were making, and, as the foremost drew near, each chose his mark, and fired with such good effect, that, of seven warriors, all but one were killed. The survivor jumped overboard, and swam for the other canoe, where he was taken in. It now contained eight Iroquois, who, far from attempting to escape, paddled in haste for a distant part of the shore, in order to land, give battle, and avenge their slain comrades. But the Algonquins, running through the woods, reached the landing before them, and, as one of them rose to fire, they shot him. In his fall he overset the canoe. The water was shallow, and the submerged warriors, presently finding foothold, waded towards the shore, and made desperate fight. The Algonquins had the advantage of position, and used it so well, that they killed all but three of their enemies, and captured two of the survivors. Next they sought out the bodies, carefully scalped them, and set out in triumph on their return. To the credit of their Jesuit teachers, they treated their prisoners with 282 a forbearance hitherto without example. One of them, who was defiant and abusive, received a blow to silence him; but no further indignity was offered to either. [6]LA SALLE AT FORT FRONTENAC.