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      "Will you take a couple of my men along with you?"

      "Where's your cap?"

      "By the way, Shorty," said Si, happening to glance at the sleeves of the overcoats which he had picked up, "we both seem to be Sergeants."

      "Shet up," said Shorty savagely. "I don't want to hear a word o' that kind. He pulled his hat down over his eyes, rammed his hands deep in his pockets, and strode off, trying to whistle


      "Turn it out and see," said Si. My dearest earthly prayer,


      "Now, hold your horses; don't get excited," said Rosenbaum calmly. "You don't know as much about war as I donot by a hundred per cent. These things are always done in every war, unt General Rosecrans understands the tricks of war better as any man in the army. He beats them all when it comes to getting information about the enemy. He knows that a dog that fetches must carry, unt that the best way is to let a spy take a little to the enemy, unt bring a good deal back. "Bad Ax, Wisconsin,


      "Looks as if you were going into the junk business. Pap," commented Si, as the store was gathered on the floor.