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      It was now daylight, but a dense fog prevented seeing more than a few feet."Because you gave those things up of your free willthey were made to give them up by force. You've no right to starve and deny other people as you have to starve and deny yourself."

      SI AND SHORTY were too glad to get their boys back, and too eager to find their regiment, to waste any time in scolding the derelicts.

      W. L. Elliot.


      Blown up by a shell on Saturday;



      Reuben's oats were a dismal failure. All the warm thrilling hopes which he had put into the ground with the seed and the rape cake, all the watching and expectation which had imparted as many delights as Naomi to the first weeks of his married lifeall had ended in a few rows of scraggy, scabrous murrainous little shoots, most of which wilted as if with shame directly they appeared above the ground, while the others, after showing him and a derisive neighbourhood all that oats could do in the way of tulip-roots, sedge-leaves, and dropsical husk, shed their seeds in the first summer gale, and started July as stubble."Now you're not to go quarrelling wud him, Harry.[Pg 33] I'd sooner have peace than anything whatsumdever. I ?un't used to being set ag?unst people. Besides, it w?an't be fur long."